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MagnaFlow Universal Converters

43000 Series - California Emissions
MagnaFlow's California 43000 Catalytic Converters are the first series of a new line of converters designed for use on vehicles equipped with Second Generation On-Board Diagnostic (OBDII) systems.
50000 Series
The 50000 Series is a true pre-converter for use in close proximity to the exhaust manifold.
53000 Series
The 53000 Series universal is a small footprint round body universal for use with small displacement engines or as a front converter in dual converter systems.
53100 Series
The 53100 Series contains the same internal components as the 53000 Series in a shorter body length for use where space is limited.
54000 Series
The 54000 Series Converter with midbed O2 sensor boss is perfect for many small vehicles with O2 sensors in the middle of a round converter.
54100 Series - Diesel
The 54100 Diesel converters is designed for small diesel engines.
54900 Series - VW OE Style (Offset / Offset)
This unit contains the same internal components as the 53000 Series in a shorter body length for use when space is limited.
55300 Series - Ford Truck OEM Style
Large round converter for older heavy duty Ford trucks and vans with 5.8L and 7.5L engines.
55400 Series - Ford Truck OEM Style
Our new large OEM-Style converter for newer heavy duty Ford trucks and vans with 5.4L and 6.8L engines
91000 Series
The 91000 series universal is designed for use with small to medium sized engine displacements where space is limited.
93500 Series
The 93000 Series large oval is specifically designed for medium to large engine displacements and features a larger capacity catalyst
94000 Series
The 94000 Series universal is the most versatile converter we make. It is a medium-size converter with a wide range of coverage making it ideal for a wide range of vehicle applications including small, mid-size, and full-size cars, trucks, or sport utilit
94100 Series
The 94100 Series is a shorter version of the 94000 Series universal for use with a wide range of vehicle applications.
94200 Series
The 94200 Series is a wide version of the 94000 Series universal and can be used when there is ample room for a larger converter.
94400 Series
The 94400 series universal has the same basic catalyst as the 94000 series universal with the addition of a built-in resonated core that helps quiet exhaust noise.
95000 Diesel Series
The 95000 Diesel Series is designed for heavy duty diesel engines.
95000 Series
The 95000 series converter is our largest converter and provides maximum catalyst capacity.
95500 Series
The 95500 series converter is our highest rated oval converter designed for heavy duty vehicles.
99000 Series
Stainless Steel
MagnaFlow's Mirror Finish Performance Exhaust Catalytic Converters are designed for optimal flow. The converters feature a stainless steel body and a bright mirror finish stainless steel heat shield. They contain a flow-efficient ceramic catalyst ribbed b