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The best in Goerlich exhaust systems

Goerlich ExhaustHaving offered the world the first tune up ready muffler in the late 1920s, Goerlich exhaust systems are still on the cutting edge of technology in making systems for trucks, cars, and sport utility vehicles for both street and performance purposes. They offer entire systems but specialize in what they know best, maybe better than any other company out there, mufflers. Some of the muffler designs offered from Goerlich exhaust are:

  • Truckex
  • Xlerator Enforcer
  • Challenge
  • MSL
  • Welded Assembly
  • Xelerator
  • Enforcer

Hooker Headers are the best in the business

Hooker HeadersNew from Holley manufacturing, one of the most varied and versatile brands in car performance parts, come Hooker Headers. Their Race Readies line comes in various sizes for almost any custom emission system, and with easy installation these products help cars pass emission standards on the road. Quickly, though, these products can be adjusted to allow for maximum performance drag racing or racing on an oval track, allowing for incredible power. Just as quickly, they can be switched back for street legal driving, making Hooker Headers one of the best choices on the market.

All models for Bosch oxygen sensor

When needing sensors to detect the o2 in the emissions gas, look no further than Performance-Curve.com, where we carry the latest models for a Bosch oxygen sensor. Sensors from this company can help prevent unnecessary damage to parts of the car, reducing the pollutants in emissions, stopping engine surge and hesitation as well as premature problems with a catalytic converter. Shop for a Bosch oxygen sensor here.


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